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Disposable Lab Coats

For the Lightest Weight, Most Comfortable Disposable Fluid Resistant Lab Coat in the Industry, Make DenLine's NEW UltraLite Disposable Lab Coats your Choice in PPE for Medical Laboratory and Dental Applications... Level 2 & 3 Protection.

Here is what VA's say about DenLine Disposable Lab Coats and Service ...

...Have been purchasing DenLine for 5 years, and never once had an issue. Very professional people. They keep you in the know, willing to go out of their way to fulfill our needs. If out of stock ...they always have a substitute. Cara is on the ball...pleasure to work with. Would definitely suggest DenLine to any of our partners in need of disposable lab coats.
When I order, they are really nice and provide quick delivery.
I've had noting but great customer service. No issues with products that I've ordered. My orders get to me quick. When I have a list of things to order from different companies, This is only Company I like calling...Cara is absolutely wonderful.
I express my thanks to customer service at DenLine. Always professional and friendly. Ordering is especially easy with Cara...and the explanation of product availability. Great Job!
We are very appreciative of the great customer service given at time of placing orders.
Our lab requires their disposable lab coats to pass CPSC 1635 Standards which DenLine provides. Customer service is great, they have a designated customer service person that handles VA Orders. Our orders are usually delivered in 3 days.
The lab likes the DenLine coats....haven't had any major problems with ordering or availability.
I have great satisfaction working with DenLine, a great Company, who supplies us on time. The staff are professional and take good care of the customer. The products are good quality, and their prices are reasonable. We are comfortable with all the support DenLine gives us.
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